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  1. jason
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    I can not watching this vedio——form china

    • Per Hallgren
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      Hi Jason! I don’t know why you can’t watch this video from China. I am sorry that I can’t help you with this.

  2. Ting
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    Youtube is blocked in China

  3. Ruben
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    Extremely beautiful sound. Thanks for building such a fantastic instrument!


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    Mucho gusto Per,
    Me encantan tus interpretaciones en guitarra y estoy muy entusiasmado con la pieza Hallelujah, desearía saber donde puedo conseguir la partitura para guitarra ya que toco un poco de guitarra clásica.
    Encantado de hacer contacto contigo.
    Estoy a las órdenes en Ecuador para cuando quieras conocer este hermoso país.
    Cordial Saludo
    Pablo Rosero

  5. Warwick Eaton
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    What a brilliant sound, a beautiful instrument. You should be proud of each one. And such fine players choosing your guitar. Do you think a really good, well made instrument can enhance the sound and potential improvement of any player, even an ordinary one such as myself, I have purchased a number of Per Olav’s compositions and love playing them, but my results do not match the masters. I know there are technique issues, but perhaps instrument quality also plays a part. All power to your work.



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