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  1. Mary Rivers
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    Hello Pee Hallgren,

    I am very interested in your #269 guitar. How does it sound? Is it easy to play? Does it have a long sustain both in the trebles and bass notes? What kind of tuners are they? Thank you very much!

    Mary Rivers

    • Per Hallgren
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      Hello Mary! Thanks for your interest in my guitar. What is easy to play depends somewhat on personal preferences but to me it is easy to play and it has a very good sustain in both the treble and the bass. The tuners are Scheller and they are world class.

      To describe a guitar sound is difficult since it depends on both guitar, strings and the player but generalized I would describe it as a warm sound that has a lot of clarity in the same time. I have made two different saddles for it so the owner easy can shift between nylon and carbon trebles. The nylon will give a warmer rounder sound while the carbon gives more clarity and also improved power and sustain. I believe that the description given at Siccas’ web site is quite accurate. Give them a call!

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