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  1. domenico
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    buongiorno non riesco a trovare la partitura per chitarra di hallelujia di olov kidgren……… mi può indicare la sezione del suo sito dove poterla trovare . Intanto olov suona con una chitarra che ha costruito lei ,,,mi sa dire il costo ? grazie

  2. Kevin Ryan
    | Reply

    Beautiful for my tired ears. Thank you. I’m only a hobbyist-level builder and player myself, as you can tell by the web site below, so it is educational to listen to and watch your skillful playing.

  3. Gerard
    | Reply

    Lovely composition and great performance ! The majestic sound of the guitar seems almost to much for the the recording, or for my JBL Flip4 computer speaker…;+>

  4. Raul Martinez jr
    | Reply

    Incredible, I’ve been listening to Per Olov King renault for years. His playing has brought so many wonderful memories of my loved one from the past and present. I can only wonder how big of a heart Olov has? ❤️

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