Hello, I am Per Hallgren. Welcome to my website!

I build classical and flamenco guitars. Maybe you already know about my instruments because I have been a guitarmaker for more than twenty years and many fine guitarists play my guitars.

As a guitarmaker I have a limited production focusing on   building the finest possible guitar for professional guitarists,  conservatory level guitar students and discriminating guitarists in general. I build several models to offer a wide range of instruments. Since every guitar is hand crafted individually many details as  stringlength, string spacing, the shape of the neck, number of strings etc. can be made to suite every individual need.


I am also dealing with used guitars, of my own hands or from other builders. Thanks to my long building experience I can guarantee that the instruments I am selling doesn’t have any hidden damages or problems. All the instruments have been carefully inspected and repaired or adjusted when needed.


The English part of this website is still under construction.  It will be updated soon. Anyway, you are still very welcome to contact me. Write, call or e-mail me for more information about my guitars.

Per Hallgren, Guitarmaker